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KSKJ Life is a non-profit fraternal organization that has been operating since the Industrial Revolution. The group originally formed to advocate for Slovenian immigrant families who worked in 19th century steel mills. Today, KSKJ offers final expense insurance for members between the ages of 45 and 85. The policy and death benefits are guaranteed for life. KSKJ’s final expense plan features a death benefit payout that ranges from $5,000 to $25,000.

Can I add more final expense insurance later?

You may already have a final expense or burial insurance policy, but is the death payout high enough to cover all of your family’s expenses after you pass? If you’d like to add more money to the policy benefit, you’ll need to contact your insurance provider. Your provider will have documentation stating whether or not you are allowed to add additional funds under the terms of the original agreement. You may be prevented from upping your payout if you have recently become seriously ill. Whether or not you may add additional insurance will depend on a number of factors unique to your situation, so be sure to contact your insurance agent and ask them how to proceed.

How do I obtain a life insurance quote?

Obtaining an insurance quote is as easy as surfing to the website of your preferred insurance company and signing up for an account. Most companies have big arrows or other prominent markings on their website that direct you to the section where you may obtain a quote. You’ll need to have your personal information on hand, as most companies will want to know pertinent information such as your full name, home address, telephone number, and other basic essentials. You should also be ready to answer a short health-related questionnaire, which will allow the insurance company to quote you an accurate premium rate. Rates depend on a number of factors including your age, location, health issues, and the length of the policy you’re seeking.

How do I find the most affordable rate?

You should research all of the insurance companies in your local area to determine who has the plan that best fits your needs and budget. You can request a quote from each company via their website as described above. Alternatively, you can call or visit their local office if you’d like to speak to representative in person. After you’ve obtained local quotes, you should also research national companies via the internet and compare the rates and plans to your local findings.

How to get started

If you are already a KSKJ Life insurance customer, you should contact your local office and inquire about a final expense policy. If you are a prospective customer, you can obtain a quote and start the application process on the organization’s website. You may also shop for policies using our comparison tool by clicking on the following link.

Financial Strength Ratings

AM Best – Not rated
Moody’s – Not rated
Standard & Poor – Not rated

Company contact info

2439 Glenwood Avenue
Joliet, IL 60435
(800) THE-KSKJ
(815) 741-2001