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Funeral Event Programs Guidelines

Funeral Program Guidelines

If you decide to create funeral event programs to hand around at a funeral service you’ll need to include more than just the order of events, although, of course, this too is an important part of it.

The funeral event programs will show all present exactly what is going to happen next in the funeral. A typical order of events for a funeral might be:

  • A gathering hymn, usually a favorite of the deceased or the family
  • An opening prayer
  • A reading, maybe from the bible or from a favorite book or poem by a family member or someone with a particular connection to the deceased
  • A psalm is often included in the funeral event programs
  • A second reading, maybe by another member of the family or close friend
  • Another hymn
  • A final prayer

Of course you might also need to add a few more details so that the attendees will have a keepsake of the event

  • The full name of the deceased, including their dates of birth and death
  • Day, time and location of the service
  • Full name of the priest or other officiant conducting the service
  • Names of any pallbearers
  • Location of the interment or burial
  • Names of any friends or families who will be giving the readings or eulogies

If you have the time you could even go a few steps further to personalize your funeral event programs with:

  • A photograph of the deceased
  • A favorite poem or prose
  • A short biography
  • Names of the surviving family members
  • A message of thanks from the family, thanking everyone for their support

Of course, it’s all down to the surviving family exactly what is included in the funeral event programs, or indeed if you have funeral event programs at all, but these are just a few ideas of how you can make it a little bit special.

In addition to all of this general stuff you might also like to add some personal information about the deceased, share a few memories, maybe telling some of the younger members of the family a few things that they didn’t know about the deceased when they were younger, that sort of thing. This really helps to personalize the whole event and make it relevant and special to the life of the person which, after all, is the one you are celebrating and saying goodbye to.

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