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Buying Caskets At Walmart & Costco

Buying Caskets At Walmart & Costco

For some people, the whole idea of a “one stop store” is going just a little bit too far. We’ve all got used to buying our groceries, household products, furniture, clothes and everything we may need to make our lives comfortable in the same place (which has only been around for a surprisingly short time actually), but now we can even make our funerals a little cheaper and therefore more comfortable in the same place too. Buying a cut price casket from Walmart or Costco might seem a little bizarre at the moment, but we’ll soon get used to the idea . . .

“Okay, Uncle Bert has died, let’s shop for the funeral. Cousin Sue pick up the bread and pastries for the sandwiches at the funeral party, Sally you head for the flowers and see what they can do in a nice wreath whilst I’ll go down the caskets aisle and see what takes my eye”. It might sound a little strange but let’s face it, funerals are expensive and any way in which we can reduce the costs is likely to be readily accepted . . . . eventually.

Buying a Casket the “Old” Way

Traditionally we’ve bought the majority of our caskets at the funeral home, it was kind of the “done thing” wasn’t it? Many people probably didn’t even realize that you had a choice in the matter, but things have changed quite a lot since the internet boom. These days we can really shop around for caskets just like we can shop around for anything else, it’s becoming a lot more common than the funeral directors might like, they’ve had it pretty much their own way for generations and now the tides are turning . . . cut price caskets which they must accept. Whether this is really going to benefit the families of the bereaved remains to be seen.

Funeral Homes will often have a large selection of caskets available in a wide variety of prices, even if they don’t automatically show you the most cost effective ones first. You are perfectly within your rights to ask to see the whole range of caskets on offer from the funeral home so don’t be afraid to ask to see everything on offer. They might even have a range of caskets which is priced comparably to those available at Walmart & Costco, and you won’t have the added worry of whether it will arrive on time . . . it should be already there! Many people will still rely on the funeral directors to give them the peace of mind by handling everything.

Buying a Casket the “New” Way

However, times are a changing and we do need to make every single cent count these days, so when stores like Walmart & Costco do start to get involved in the funeral casket business it’s surely a step in the right direction for healthy competition. Buying a casket online isn’t actually a very new idea, although the introduction of caskets and urns to the websites of Walmart & Costco has certainly caused a bit of a stir and brought it firmly into the public eye. You might be a little surprised to find that the caskets and urns on the Walmart site are actually listed under “For the Home”, so it’s no good searching in “Outdoor Living” or “Health and Beauty”. Where would you have put it . . . answers on a postcard please to Walmart! Maybe they are thinking that every home should have one, it could double up as a coffee table or for toy storage until the time comes!

Let’s just answer any questions and dispel a few myths whilst we’re on the subject:

  • The funeral home must accept a casket ordered from Walmart or Costco, but you are advised to tell them of your order within 1 business day.
  • The funeral home may not charge you any extra fees for using the casket.
  • You don’t need to be at the funeral home at the time of the delivery . . all caskets will be delivered within normal business hours.
  • If the casket is to be delivered to somewhere other than a funeral home, the carrier will make a delivery appointment (and not simply leave it on the doorstep if you’re out to scare the neighbors). Somebody living must be available to accept the delivery and sign!

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